Audacity Audio Training

audioCreating audios for your videos has never been easier.

A simple webcam mic and free Audacity audio editing software is all that it takes.

Tools & Resources:

Click on the image below for a overview of Audacity Audio Software

  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video 1: Audacity Overview & Settings’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video 1: Audacity Overview & Settings’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Video 2: Adding Audacity Noise Reduction’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video 2: Adding Audacity Noise Reduction’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Video 3: Exporting Audio’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video 3: Exporting Audio’]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video 4: Tips To Recording Your Script Using Audacity’ w=800 h=600 t=Video 4: ‘Tips To Recording Your Script Using Audacity’]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video 5: Importing & Adding Video Assets To Your Audio Timeline’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video 5: Importiting & Adding Video Assets To Your Audio Timeline’]

If you are making an Audio For A Slide Presentations you want to to follow this process:

– Type out your script in a Word Document
– Read and record your voice using Audacity or some other audio editing software. (see Resources in Intro. module)
– Edit your Audio track by:

  • Cutting out unnecessary audio clips
  • Compressing your audio file (do not ‘normalize) – normally in the Effects>Dynamic>Compressor section of your audio editor
  • Make sure the “Limiter” feature is “on” as you do not want your audio to be in the red, which is above ‘0 db.’
  • Use The Gain (or Amplify) feature to now raise your entire track to “0 db.”
  • Your entire track should be between -6 and 0 for best results
  • Rendor or Export your final audio to .wav (microsoft) or .aaif (apple) format (fyi – mp3 is compressed)

4. Make your slides in Powerpoint or Open Office Impress uing a PC or Keynote in Mac.

5. While listening to your audio file, screen capture your Slide Presentation and scroll through the slides in sync with the audio.

Click on the image for a video on how to add a audio mp3 to a wordpress blog

  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video: MP3 To Podcast on WordPress Blog’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: MP3 To Podcast on WordPress Blog’]