Camtasia Secrets

Camtasia, coupled with this training, has made me more money than any other software – Mark Dulisse

Camtasia by Techsmith is a very powerful way to view create and edit videos for marketing purposes. In fact, most of my videos in this course have been created using Camtasia for screen capture.

Video Training Download Files

For Camtasia training, I have teamed up with Jeff Walker and Jeremy Burns’ product called “Camtasia Secrets.” Without a doubt, this is the best and thorough course on Camtasia that I have ever seen.  This course sells for $297 and I have purchased the rights to provide this great course to our Dominating Video members.

Please disregard any language that talks about CD packages being shipped to you, as your version is downloads only.

Camtasia Codec Audio & Video Settings Setup GuideDownload PDF Here

PDF Course Downloads

  • Step By Step Action Plan (15 page pdf)
  • Camtasia Action Ideas Manual – This 428 page manual goes with Video CD’s 9-12 and contains 20 Action Ideas on how to make money with Camtasia
  • Action Idea Flash Cards – These 20 flash cards are action steps on what was learned in the Cash Secret steps on CD’s 9-12
  • Camtasia 5 Manual – This 369 page manual goes with Video CD’s 1-8 and includes Camtasia 5 Training, Tips and Tricks
  • Camtasia 6 Manual – This 5111 page manual goes with Video CD’s 13-17 and covers Camtasia 6 Training, Tips and Tricks

IMPORTANT: Watch both versions of the training for best results as Camtasia versions are similar, and there are all kinds of tips and tricks that will vary in both sets of training.

CD’s 1-8 Contains Camtasia Studio 5 Training

CD’s 9-12 Contains 20 Action Ideas To Making Money With Camtasia

CD’s 13-17 Contains Camtasia Studio 6 Training

Camtasia 7.0.1 New Features

The core recording and editing features are unchanged. What is new, for our purposes and training are:

  • New Skin Design: The classic XP like blue design has been replaced with a black glass-like interface. The vertical task bar is gone and instead, you have a tabbed horizontal bar that gives you quick access to all the various editing tools (but, you can no longer hide this area)
  • Libraries: Camtasia 7 has added something called libraries that lets you arrange all your video assets (images, music, callouts, transitions, etc) to one place so you can easily reuse them later.
  • Cursor Effects: When editing you can either completely hide the mouse cursor from the final video or, if the cursor is barely visible, you can even increase the size of the pointer in few easy steps.
  • One Click Upload To Youtube: Camtasia 7 allows you to produce your video and upload it to your Youtube account with one click. Easy for Youtube power users.
  • New Sleek Callout Images & Media Assets: Camtasia 7 comes with some cool new callout and sketch images, as well as some audio loops and a few basic video background effects.
  • Enhanced Audio Editor/Recorder: Camtasia 7 has beefed up their audio editor so you can do precision fades, etc.
  • iPad Output Presets: Camtasia 7 allows you to choose a iPad output format (m4v) when converting your video file