Expert – Todd Gross Webinar


This was a very good webinar. There was also a great Q & A towards the end. Todd additionally offered to do professional voice overs for Dominating Video members only, at a deep discount:

(Female voice: Todd has access to professional females who can do voice overs, so this can be done)

Webinar Replay Downloads:

(note: I forgot to click the record button for the first 10 minutes..which was a intro. of  Todd and his starts as a weatherman)

Todd Gross has been a professional on Television for over 30 years, and is one of the pioneers when it comes to making online videos.

Todd Gross is going to cover:

  • The BEST low-cost video camera to use
  • The BEST low cost, lightweight tripod
  • The BEST low cost microphone for audio

AND some of his tricks to get the videos done fast:

  • Proper lighting, especially outdoors
    How to “cheat” so you don’t have to reshoot after making a mistake!

.. and all that is just for starters!

He’s also going to go over software to render the videos, and get them online FAST.

Expert – Colin Theriot Webinar

Colin Theriot is a professional web copywriter and consultant living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s written for several key figures in the Internet Marketing industry including Andy Jenkins, Jeremy Schoemaker, Dan Thies, Leslie Rohde, Mark Dulisse, and more.

He has worked on multiple successful information product launches including several StomperNet releases, The Video Boss, Kajabi, Shoemoney System, Video Conversion Formula, Dominating Google, Link Liberation 2.0 and others. Several of these launches hold industry records ranging as high as 7 to 8 figures in sales for a single campaign!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The simple multi-video, pre-selling framework behind some of the biggest launches in
    Internet Marketing history…
  • Which Hollywood tricks will keep your videos moving and engaging, so your
    prospects will watch to the very end…
  • What you MUST include in each and every video you make to make sure you build
    your brand with people who watch…
  • What mistakes to avoid when creating videos to keep your viewing audience from
    becoming bored and zoning out…
  • A simple message formula that you can use over and over not just for videos, but for
    emails, blog posts, and more…

Expert – Craig Beckta Webinar

Title: Expert Webinar – Dominating Video – Craig Beckta

Craig Beckta is an Internet Marketing consultant living and working in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was the main production editor and animation creator for the Dominating Video launch.

He has also created several information products and has had multiple 5 figure product launches including, Secret Affiliate Code 1 and 2, Secret Cash Blueprint and most recently The 6 Figure Code.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The best way to grab your viewers attention and keep them glued to your video presentation…
  • Which animations to use to keep your audience engaged and hang off your every word…
  • Audio, Screen Capture, Video Editing, Mac Versus PC
  • How Craig Edited And Put Together To Dominating Video Prelaunch Video Courses
  • How to improve your sound and video quality 100% in a few easy steps…
  • And more….

Expert – Gopal Krishnan Webinar

Below is the registration page for Expert Webinar with presenter Gopal Krishnan

  • Webiner Mindmap “How To Create A Video” PDF – Download Here
  • Webinar Replay Video (109 MB) – Download Zip Here (audio is a bit jumpy..but killer webinar)
  • Large Q & A toward end

Gopal Krishnan

Gopal is a Video Design Expert and has produced well over 100 Custom Videos for his clients. His Videos has the right visual design, animations, motion triggers, and use of fonts that TRULY engage
people for higher conversions.

His videos can let a breath of fresh air into your marketing and pump new life into your business. He continuously strives to take video
design to a whole new level and make it more accessible for ordinary people with no technical experience.

The webinar will consist of the following topics:

  • Why Direct Response Videos?
  • Transition from Boring PowerPoint Presentations to Stunning Trailer Type Videos Using Windows Movie Maker and Other Video Editing Softwares like Studio Video Expert to create Stunning Visuals
  • Working with Images – Copyrights and Sources
  • Securing Local Business Clients The Easy Way

Expert – Ray Karpuska Webinar

Title:  Dominating Video Expert Webinar with Ray Karpuska

Ray Karpuska is the internet marketing gurus’ best secret weapon! You may never heard of him but you have certainly have seen his work since he produced branded video packages for Bill Glazer, Mike Koenigs and many others whose names you’d easily recognized!

What’s fascinating is that in just three years he has gotten himself from being broke and sleeping in his car, to becoming an indispensable to giants of the internet marketing and self growth industries – and he did it all by using branded video! Ray is really passionate about helping others to achieve their full potential using technologies available to us.

In this webinar customers will learn:

  • Quickly differentiate yourself from competitors and position yourself as an expert in your field with branded videos.
  • All the know-how and the step-by-step process to make a web TV episode in 10-30 minutes.
  • 5 shortcuts to create high quality marketing videos instantly available online (even if you think you don’t qualify to be in front of a camera)
  • 3 secret video advertising strategies for a $1/day
  • Complete Video Marketing Blueprint so that you know exactly how to use your video clips to attract visibility, credibility and more clients!
  • How to Attract More Customers With Your Own Broadcast Quality Web TV Show for FREE Utilizing the Power of Online Video Marketing.