Tube Fool Webinars

Below you will find the replays for the Live Webinars for Tube Fool training

5 Video Marketing Methods

In this 5 video tutorial, Mark will give a description on the 5 ways to use video for online marketing.

  • Lead Generation
  • Branding
  • eCommerce
  • Reputation Management
  • Mass Control Influence
  • [viddy f=’pop_’ a=left i=’Video: 5 Methods Of Online Video Marketing’ w=800 h=520 t=’Video: 5 Method Of Online Video Marketing’]

Keep a look out in the members area on the exact formula’s to implement each of these strategies.

Direct Response Script

In this section, I want to show you a very quick and powerful way to make videos using the ‘Direct Response Script’ method.

I have put together a PDF and have provided the Open Office document file for you to edit as well.

  • Direct Response Script Template (zip file)
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video: Direct Response Script Training’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Direct Response Script Training’]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video: Direct Response Script Example’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Direct Response Example’]

Branding Sales Funnel


Using video for personally branding yourself or your company is one of the most fruitful online endeavors you can do.

Stop hunting for business…become the hunted – this is what personally branding yourself through the power of online videos will do for you.

This one of the I am going to give to you my first sales funnel. Looking back, it is brutally terrible in quality, but it worked 🙂

The audio was terrible, graphics was terrible. All I had in 2008 was a $19 webcam and Camtasia.

But, this sales funnel I used to get a huge amount of leads and sales. At times I was getting 200-300 leads per day…all from free traffic from Google, Youtube, and Social Media sites. This is proof that anyone can do it.

Resources/Tools I Used:

  • HTML Editor (any will do) –  Nvu, Dreamweaver, Frontpage
  • Free (awesome free graphics maker)
  • Camtasia
  • Snagit (or a similar image snipping tool)
  • Free  Impress Presentation Software
  • Autoresponder to send automated email campaign

I. My Funnel

A. Squeeze Page Optin to Thank You Page With $7 Offer For “It Is Only Easy If You Know The Truth” Video

B. Day 1 thru Day 5 – each day they were sent a video lesson, with a offer to purchase the $7 front end offer

C. If the customer purchased the $7 offer, they would then have an upsell to $197 or $297 offer

II. Steal My First Funnel

III. How I Made The Sales Video and Squeeze Page

(Click on the links below for pop up video training)

  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Making The Sales Video With Open Office’ w=800 h=600 t=’Making The Sales Video’] | [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Adding Picture’ w=800 h=600 t=’Adding A Picture’]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Getting Video Online’ w=800 h=600 t=’Getting Video Online’]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Making a Call To Action Exit Image’ w=800 h=600 t=’Making a Call To Action Exit Image’]
    * I used Easy Video Player to embed the exit image