Johnson Box Code

By member request, this is to give you the html code for what is called a Johnson’s box.

Here is the html table code to do a Johnson box. You can use a Johnson Box for testimonials, quotes, special action messages, etc.

You can set the table width, border style and width, border color, font family and size, background color, and cell spacing and padding:

This Code produces this Johnson box:

<TABLE style=”width: 500px; border: solid; border-width: 2px; border-color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; background-color: #ffffcc;” cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=10>
Your Text Goes Here

Top Squeeze Page Templates

You are going to love this! 😎

I have included the top squeeze page templates that will allow you to quickly and easily build your list. In Module 4, we will be going over massive traffic, but for now, you will need to get comfortable with building a high impact squeeze page with your squeezed offer.

To use these, you will need to open them up with an html editor and change them accordingly to your offer, and then upload them to your server. Some squeeze page templates also include psd files so that you can change the graphics easily using photoshop.

I also included some very cool resources and reads at the bottom to help further your list building efforts :).

1. Three Very Popular Squeeze PagesDownload Zip Here

See them online here:

2. Three Professionally Designed Video Squeeze Pages Download Zip Here

(Includes psd’s, and each comes in 4 different colors)

See them online here:

3. Thank You Page Right Click And “Save As” Here

The “Thank You” page is one of the most neglected, and yet highly converting pages in your funnel. Use it wisely. Make sure you monetize your “Thank You” page with a special offer, or One Time Offer.

4. Additional Bonus Resources – I hope you appreciate these golden nuggets….

A. Squeeze Page Secrets w/Master Resell RightsDownload Here

I have used this little package to capture a ton of leads, and sell the resell rights as the Thank You page offer.

B. Optin Profits w/Master Resell Rights – (27MB, .rar) at least $200 value – (yes, I really do have PLR) – Download Here

Just a few months ago I paid $2,000 to get this PLR as a package, and I just have not had any time to put it to use. But you will :).

It is a good read. Not only will it give you knowledge about list building, but I’ve also given you the ability to create your own product from it. If you are in the IM niche, then you can make this product as your own, put your own name on it, etc., and offer it on the Thank You page, and get 100% of the products. I hope you appreciate this one.

C. Ultimate Footer Ad 2.0 – $47 Value –  Click Here For Download & Tutorials

After you install, you have to get a registration key. Get Registration Key Here

You have personal rights only. This script gets me leads every day. It is the most subtle way to get an optin.

D. 100 Top Clickbank Products Squeeze Pages – Click Here To Download

These are squeeze pages for 100 Clickbank products. I would

Youtube Blitz Marketing

Youtube, Google, and Video

Why Youtube? Have you noticed that 90% of the videos in Google’s universal search are Youtube videos? Hmmmm… They wouldn’t be owned by the same people, would they? 🙂

Here are the stats. Youtube is the top 3rd traffic site in the entire world according to Alexa. Google is first, Facebook is second, and Youtube is 3rd (practically tied with Yahoo).

However… Facebook videos do not turn up in the search engine of Google, or anything else for that matter.

People do not join Facebook to shop. People do not do a Facebook search to shop. Rather, people join Facebook to look for friends, and do searches for friends with similar interests.

Youtube has many features similar to Facebook (private emailing, social community, video sharing, posting comments, Liking, etc), but the main difference from a marketers position is Youtube’s search engine and SEO. People use Youtube’s search engine to buy products and/or to look for more information about a product. People use the Youtube search to look for solutions to their problems. People do not use the Facebook search to mainly find solutions, but to find friends. Thus, Youtube is a marketing machine. Additionally, Youtube’s videos are in Google’s universal and video search results, and this opens up another huge traffic source.

Below you will find an entire course on dominating Youtube for traffic, and how to get a ton of view, clicks, leads, and customers. Let me start off with a mindmap.

Youtube Blitz Mindmap


Youtube Blitz Channel Creation & Setup

Click on the links below to watch the popup video presentation:

  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Channel Overview’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube: Channel Overview’]
  • Youtube Custom Background Image PSD
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Channel Overview 2′ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube: Channel Overview 2′]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Channel: Info & Settings’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Channel: Info and Settings’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Channel: AudioSwap & Annotations’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Channel: Audio Swap & Annotations’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Channel: Captions’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Channel: Captions’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Channel: Inline Editing’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Channel: Inline Editing’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Channel: Playlist Overview’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Channel: Playlist Overview’]

Youtube Blitz Marketing Mayhem

  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Get More Youtube Views’ w=800 h=600 t=’Get More Youtube Views’] | Get More Youtube Views Slides PDF
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Hijack Cash Method’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Hijack Cash Method’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Powerful Methods To Get More Clicks To Your Website’ w=800 h=600 t=’How To Get More Clicks To Your Website’] | Get More Clicks To Your Website Slides PDF
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Make A Proper Video Response’ w=800 h=600 t=’Make A Proper Video Response’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Targeting Traffic Trends’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Targeting Traffic Trends’]

Youtube SEO

  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Video SEO’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Video SEO’] | Youtube Video SEO Slides PDF

Youtube Subscriber Widget

  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Subscriber Widget’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Video SEO’]

Youtube PPC Advertizing

  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube PPC Overview’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube PPC Overview’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Keyword Tools’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube PPC Overview’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Youtube Promoted Videos’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube Promoted Videos’]
  • [viddy f=’′ i=’Free Youtube Flash Ads: CTA Overlay’ w=800 h=600 t=’Youtube PPC Overview’]