This page will give the difference of the Google Video Sitemap (GVS) generator wordpress plugin, and the XML Video Sitemap Generator.

A. But first, what is a video sitemap page generator?

A video sitemap is simply a .xml page that lists all of your videos that are on your domain and will include all the information about your videos that Google wants (ie, title, description, thumbnail, category, keywords, duration, family safe, etc). The url would be: www.mydomain.com/videositemap.xml

You can either create this xml page manually, which requires a lot of coding and knowledge, or you can use my GVS or XML video sitemap page generators to create this page for you. At the click of a button, the GVS wordpress plugin and/or XML application, will scan your entire website and create a videositemap.xml page for you with all of your videos on the sitemap page, including thumbnails, title, description, etc.

B. Do I need to submit my videositemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tools?

No, but it will take a lot longer for Google to find your videos on your sitemap and website, and Google has told us to submit the video sitemap to them so that they can look for them there.

Also, there is important tracking and analytics in Google Webmaster Tools that will give to you information about your sitemap and videos (ie, an error, how many are indexed, etc.).

C. Will Google index all of my videos on my site and that are on my video sitemap?

Like any website, there are some pages/posts (and videos) that are simply deep and not getting indexed. It is up to us to do proper search engine optimization to get out pages and videos indexed and ranked.

D. Why is my thumbnail image in Google not the same as my thumbnail I submitted?

I’ve asked myself this myself. For some reason, Google can can take a snapshot of your video at the mid-point (50%) or at the end of your video, to include as the thumbnail (just like Youtube). You will want to put all your thumbnails into one subfolder (ie, /thumbnails) so Google can easily find them. Make the images no smaller than 120×90 pixels, have images that are relevant and that are a snapshot of the video (not some “click here” image). Also, you can make sure your mid-point of your video is an image that you want to display.

E. What are the main differences between the GVS and XML video sitemap applications?

– GVS is a wordpress blog plugin, and requires to be installed on each blog. The XML is a server application that you install on one domain, and you can create video sitemaps on many different domains from this one XML application install.

– The GVS will generate a video sitemap for wordpress blogs only. The XML will generate a video sitemap for any (X)HTML site – namely, a static html site, joomla, wordpress, etc…

F. If I am using the XML generator, do I need to use the GVS plugin?

No, but there are advantages to the GVS generator if your site is a wordpress blog. The GVS has more advanced features and settings (ie, duration, custom fields, GVS is very stable and more mature application).

G. What are the supported features of XML?

  • Supports both Google Video Sitemap and mRSS (developed by yahoo)
  • Supports flash video extension: flv, mp4, avi, and wmv
  • All Video Object Tag format supported
  • Easy Video Player 1.0 & 2.0 supported
  • Flash Video Player wp plugin supported
  • SWFObject codes for flash player supported
  • Long Tail Video Player supported
  • Traffic Geyser Player supported
  • EZs3 Player supported
  • Title & Description supported via page/post standard meta tags
  • Thumbnails supported via image property
  • HTML5 format support
  • Family Safe support
  • Automatic Ping To Google, Bing, Yahoo, Moreover, and Ask
  • DOES NOT support Youtube videos or video sharing sites embed code
  • Auto update for xml video sitemap when post/page updated

H. What are the supported features of GVS?

  • Compatible with WordPress 3.0+
  • Supports flash video extension: flv, mp4, avi, and wmv
  • Supports videos on postings or pages
  • Does NOT support videos in sidebar, footer or header
  • Supports the following plugin video players: Flash Video Player, FlowPlayer, JW Player, Viddymatic (important: I have found the Flash Video Player to have the best results and stability)
  • Supports “Easy Video Player” 1.0 and 2.0
  • Supports SWFObject video code, inluding LongTail video code
  • Able to add 3rd party pages to video sitemap, including SWFObject and Easy Video Player videos
  • Supports the following SEO Pack plugins: All-in-One SEO Pack, Platinum SEO Pack, SEO Ultimate
  • “Custom Field” option for Title, Description, Duration, thumbnail, Duraction, and Video URL (which essentially allows support for any player by using Custom Fields)
  • Submits to Multimedia mRSS engine option
  • Automatic Ping To Google, Bing, Yahoo, Moreover, and Ask
  • Tags for videos – wp tags are automatically submitted
  • Categories for videos – wp category is automatically submitted
  • Titles for videos – wp titles is automatically submitted (GVS will pick up the title from the wordpress post/page, unless overridden with the SEO Pack title)
  • Family Friendly Safe videos supported
  • DOES NOT support Youtube videos or video sharing sites embed code