On Page SEO & Website Structure

Video seo is an extension of normal seo. I wish to start off with the foundation of search engine optimization when setting up a website. In this video lesson, you will learn all about setting up a website structure for keyword search engine optimization.

Introduction To SEO and Website Structure Planning

1. [viddy f=’pop_http://dom-video-mod4.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/onpageseo/player.html’ a=left i=’Video: What Google Wants’ w=1024 h=768 t=’Video: What Google Wants’] (pop up window)

What you will learn in the ‘What Goolge Wants’ video:

  • Site Layout Planning
  • What Google Wants
  • Keywords and Your Site Structure
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s
  • Proper Title Tag
  • Meta Tags, Meta Keywords
  • Sitemaps
  • Duplicate Content
  • Robots.txt
  • Internal Linking Structures

2. [viddy f=’pop_http://dom-video-mod4.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-site-keyword-linking/player.html’ a=left i=’Video: On Page Site Structure SEO’ w=1024 h=768 t=’Video: On Page Site Structure SEO’] (pop up window)

What you will learn in the ‘On Page Site Structure SEO’ video:

  • Site Keyword Architecture Basics
  • SEO Sites Are Keyword Focused
  • Two Free Keyword Tools
  • Keyword Site Research
  • Google Friendly Keyword Site Architecture
  • Typical Linking Pattern
  • SEO Deep Linking Structure
  • SEO Magnate Linking Pattern
  • Keyword Site Structure
  • Keyword Linking Site Structure