5 Video Marketing Methods

In this 5 video tutorial, Mark will give a description on the 5 ways to use video for online marketing.

  • Lead Generation
  • Branding
  • eCommerce
  • Reputation Management
  • Mass Control Influence
  • [viddy f=’pop_http://dom-video-mod3.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/videomarketingmethods/videomarketingmethods.html’ a=left i=’Video: 5 Methods Of Online Video Marketing’ w=800 h=520 t=’Video: 5 Method Of Online Video Marketing’]

Keep a look out in the members area on the exact formula’s to implement each of these strategies.

Direct Response Script

In this section, I want to show you a very quick and powerful way to make videos using the ‘Direct Response Script’ method.

I have put together a PDF and have provided the Open Office document file for you to edit as well.

  • Direct Response Script Template (zip file)
  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod3.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod3-directresponse.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Direct Response Script Training’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Direct Response Script Training’]
  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod3.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod3-dogtraining.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Direct Response Script Example’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Direct Response Example’]

Windows Live Movie Maker

In the section I will teach you exactly how I created this video on Youtube using Windows Live Movie Maker, a free program.

Okay, Okay, the audio clip sucks…but for demonstration purposes, it does the job 🙂

The resources used were:

Video Tutorial (28 minutes length)

  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-wlmm.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Creating Video With Windows Live Movie Maker’ w=800 h=450 t=’Video: Creating Video With Windows Live Movie Maker’]

Additional Good WLMM Training

This is a very good training by Dan at Vimeo on using Windows Movie Maker Live. We thought we’d include this as a over.



What You Will learned:

  • Getting the footage off of your camera and onto your computer.
  • Open up Windows Live Movie Maker and import all of your footage so you can begin working.
  • You can drag, cut and trim your files exactly how you want them to create a great storyline.
  • Add some music to heighten the tone of your video.
  • Include some transitions to bridge your clips together. Add effects as necessary.
  • Throw in some text and titles if you feel like it.
  • Export that video and share it with the whole world

Screenflow Training

In this series, Mark goes over total ScreenFlow Training.

Buy ScreenFlow 2 For Mac

Download Videos Below (zip files)

  • Video 1: ScreenFlow Overview
  • Video 2: ScreenFlow Picture In Picture
  • Video 3: Zoom and Pan
  • Download Videos 1-3 Zip
  • Video 4: Audio Actions
  • Video 5: Screen Recording Properties
  • Video 6: Adding Callouts
  • Download Videos 4-6 Zip
  • Video 7: Adding Text Properties
  • Video 8: Editing Timeline and Transitions
  • Video 9: Exporting Format For Flash
  • Download Videos 7-9 Zip

Youtube Embed Trick For Sales Presentation

Thank you for visiting my blog. I know it has been a while since I made a posting, but rest assured, it is not because I am setting on my rear end.

You see, I launched a video marketing/seo product last month and in one seek we sold out at 1000 members. I’ve been real busy serving them.

I want to show you a real cool Youtube embed code trick to make your videos stand out from the crowd on your websites. Many of the gurus launch products and use amazon cloudhosting for their videos. The benefit is that it is in HD format, fast server delivery, and you can set the parameters to eliminate the controls, etc….

But, there is a problem. It can be costly if there is a lot of traffic.

Here is a Youtube embed trick to make your videos look just like the pros…and it is FREE.

[viddy f=’http://markblog.s3.amazonaws.com/tubenocontols.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Youtube Embed Code Trick For Sales Presentation’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Youtube Embed Code Trick For Sales Presentation’]

The trick to make it look like the pros is the following strategy:

1. Compress your videos to HD format

For the highest quality, I recommend these settings when compressing your video for YouTube HD.

  • H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format
  • 1280×720 resolution
  • 44.1KHz Stereo MP3 or AAC audio
  • Frame rate as 30p

YouTube does accept a wide range of video file formats such as .WMV, .AVI and .MOV. But again, you may get the best results from converting your file to MPEG4 video with MP3 audio.

2. Change your Playback Setup in your Youtube Channel to always play HD, and click “Save”

3. Using the no-control html Youtube code given to you above, place the video on your website.

4. Change your Youtube Video parameters in the embed code to the following:

  • No related videos at the end- you want people not clicking off of your website at the end.
  • Autostart – not only does it force the visitor to watch, but it also counts as a Youtube view…which means higher rankings for your Youtube video in the search engines.

Visit Google’s website which lists all the Youtube embed parameters that you can control.

When you are all done, you will have a professional looking video on your website that is HD, the player controls are not showing, is on autostart and has no related videos at the end of the video.

5. I used the powerful OptimizePress wordpress theme as a squeeze/salespage.

**Tell me about your Youtube Tricks. Make a Comment Below**

Getting Your Videos Online

In this section, we go over the most popular ways to get your videos online.

I. Upload Your Videos To Video Sharing Sites (or what I call, “3rd party sites”) For Maximum Exposure

There is literally a ton of video sharing sites to upload your videos these days for exposure and traffic. They key is “targeted traffic.”

If you are wanting your videos that you upload to 3rd party sites to be in the search engines of Google, then you will want to use Youtube, Daily Motion, Google Video, and Vimeo. I have found these videos sharing sites to have the most strength in the search engines, with Youtube being the top (obviously, since it is owned by Google).

When I first started online, I uploaded my videos to as many different video sites as possible. Use different Title and Description variations when you upload the same video to multiple sites. What is even better is changing the video file name (slightly) for each of the video sharing sites. I realize this is not possible using automation tools, but if you are doing it manually (as I often do), then you surely want to change the video file names.

  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/tubemogul-pixelpipe.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Pixel Pipe & Tube Mogul Video Blasting’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Pixel Pipe & Tube Mogul Video Blasting’]

Pixel Pipe and Tube Mogul offer a free service whereby you can upload your video to their site and then they will distribute (or blast) your video to a multitude of video sharing sites…all on autopilot. I believe with both of these services, your video will be sent to 50+ video sharing sites.

Username/Password Tip: You have to register and set up a profile at all different video sharing sites first. Use the same username and password for video sharing site. If you are making a few different accounts each, then pick easy to remember names like “keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, etc….” Keep your password simple to remember too.

Profile SEO Tip: When you fill out your profile at all these different video sharing sites, you want to:

  • Put your website links on the profile page;
  • Copy the URL of your profile page and save it in a notepad file;
  • Look for the rss feed of your profile or username page.

Most video sharing sites now have an rss feed attached to every username or profile. For example, Youtube has a rss feed for your channel. You want to copy the rss feed of each of your profiles, and save this to a notepad. You will be using the Profile URL and RSS URL later on.

II. Take The Embed Code Of Your Videos From 3rd Party Video Sharing Sites And Place It On Your Blogs And Websites.

There is a whole lot of benefit of putting your streaming videos from video sharing sites on your blogs, websites, squidoo lens’, hubpages, etc… The more people watch, the more views you get, and the more views, the higher rankings, the more tweets, the more Facebook Likes, etc., until your video starts to become viral.

  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-getvideosonline-embed.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Using Embed Code From Video Sharing Sites’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Using Embed Code From Video Sharing Sites’]
  • Youtube Player Parameter Settings

In the video above we explain how to use the embed code to place videos onto your website, and the cool Youtube player parameter options.

In the video and HTML code above I explain how to use Youtube to play videos on your websites and have them looking just like the pros, with no control bar, autostart, and no recommended videos at the end.

Youtube now gives you the ability to customize your player and even have a player list like the following:

The opportunities here are endless. Have a online course to generate interest, leads, and business. Give away some great free content, a video series with lessons, and you will attract a following.

III. Put Self Hosted Videos On Your Self Hosted Domains

By “self hosted videos,” I mean videos that are hosted on your server, or amazonS3 (not embed code taken from 3rd party video sites).

Now we get into the nuts and bolts of putting self hosted flash videos (flv, mp4, wmv, avi) onto your website. There are a few ways, and I will go over the players and coding that I use.

** For following Video Players Are Supported By Google Video Sitemap (GVS)**

Click Here – HTML Code For Flash Video Player, FlowPlayer, & JW Player

A. WordPress Only Video Players – There are a couple of video player plugins that I use with must success and makes the entire process very easy. Watch the videos for examples on how to do this.

  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-getonline-flashvideoplayer.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Flash Video Player WP Plugin’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Flash Video Player WP Plugin’]
  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-getonline-flowplayer.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Flow Player WP Plugin’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Flow Player WP Plugin’]
  • Click Here For Flash Video Player WP Plugin Download
  • Click Here For FlowPlayer WP Plugin Download

B. Any (X)HTML Webpage: JW Video Player – The JW Player is the most commonly used video players on the market today. You can use this player on any (x)html website, which includes a static webpage, or wordpress, joomla, etc…

To use the JW Player, LongTailVideo has created a “Setup Wizard” that walks you through the entire process. They key to making it work it that you have to download and upload a couple files to your root folder on your domain. In the video below I being you through the entire process, including a couple links to the wizard and the player files.

C. “Must Have” Premium Video Players – the following are premium video players that many internet marketers use, and that I use.

If you are serious as a internet marketer and starting to put some sales into your pocket, you want to get these two premium players. They will help you make more sales. Seriously. And, it makes your life a whole lot easier as a video marketer.

  • Viddymatic Player – this is probably one of my favorite video players, and I use it a lot. In fact, every time you click on one of my links on this page, a player pops us with a video. This is a viddymatic player that I am using. There are many more features and to find out more you can visit the link provided.
  • Easy Video Player – while I use viddymatic inside my membership sites, I will use Easy Video Player for my sales pages and making presentations to my subscribers. This is probably the easiest ways to put videos online, and it hooks up with AmazonS3. You simply copy and paste the javascript code that Easy Video Player gives to you into the html source code of your webpage. There are many more features and to find out more you can visit the link provided.

Important Note: While Viddymatic and Easy Video Player are supported by the Google Video Sitemap and XML, you must remember that these two players use Java code, and thus, Google has a harder time finding your videos. I use these two premium players when I am not looking for traffic from Google or the search engines, but I sent traffic via my list, or to play my videos inside my membership sites…like this one.

Expert – Todd Gross Webinar


This was a very good webinar. There was also a great Q & A towards the end. Todd additionally offered to do professional voice overs for Dominating Video members only, at a deep discount:

(Female voice: Todd has access to professional females who can do voice overs, so this can be done)

Webinar Replay Downloads:

(note: I forgot to click the record button for the first 10 minutes..which was a intro. of  Todd and his starts as a weatherman)

Todd Gross has been a professional on Television for over 30 years, and is one of the pioneers when it comes to making online videos.

Todd Gross is going to cover:

  • The BEST low-cost video camera to use
  • The BEST low cost, lightweight tripod
  • The BEST low cost microphone for audio

AND some of his tricks to get the videos done fast:

  • Proper lighting, especially outdoors
    How to “cheat” so you don’t have to reshoot after making a mistake!

.. and all that is just for starters!

He’s also going to go over software to render the videos, and get them online FAST.

Green Screen With Powerpoint and Video Backgrounds

In this presentation, Mark shows you how to use a green screen with Powerpoint and the high impact video background effects. (FYI – Open Office Impress also does the exact same thing)

Video Tutorials:

  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-greenbackground1.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Making Powerpoint Presentation With Green Screen’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Making Powerpoint Presentation With Green Screen’]
  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-greenscreen3.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Using Video Editor And Chroma Keyer Effect’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Using Video Editor And Chroma Keyer Effect’]

Step 1 – Make a slide presentation with background color: 255 Green, with transparency 0.

Step 2 – Screen capture your slide presentation, and save as .avi or wmv.

Step 3 – Open up your video editing software, and import your .avi (or .wmv) green slide video, as well as your high impact video background motion effect.

Step 4 – Place the “Chroma Keyer” Video FX (Sony Vegas) on top of your green slide video clip

Note: Different video editors may call it different names other than Chroma Keyer. Please read your documentation.

Step 5 – Your slide presentation will now show on top of your high impact video background effect

Creating Slides With Video

In this video series, Mark shows you how to make a slide presentation, using free OpenOffice.org Impress slide presentation software.

  • Insert a video clip into a picture frame
  • Insert a video on yourself talking into your slide presentation. This becomes real cool when you place your video on top of an image of any kind, particularly one with a border frame.

Here is my example (Watch To Very End):


** Keep in mind that this can also be done using Powerpoint and Keynote (Mac), and that the video used in this video series is for demonstration purposes only.

Video Tutorials Below: Click on link for popup video

  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-openoffice1.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Inserting Video Into Your Slides’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Inserting Video Into Your Slides’]
  • [viddy f=’http://dom-video-mod2.s3.amazonaws.com/dv/domvideo-mod2-openoffice2.mp4′ a=left i=’Video: Editing Video In Screen Capture’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video: Editing Video In Screen Capture’]

Tools used were Impress, a free slide presentation similar to Powerpoint, and Camtasia