Google’s SEO Blackhole and Tube Fool

Blackhole SEO

You know what a blackhole is, right? Sucks everything in with a force so powerful. And, once you are inside, you cannot leave. The gravitational pull is so strong that you are trapped inside. Even a rocket blast will not get you out.

Google is doing just that. The term ‘Blackhole SEO’ first was coined by the writers at SEOBlackhat and it refers to massive websites that get an enormous amount of links coming in, but they offer nothing going out…except perhaps a ‘nofollow’ attribution link. In fact, the only ‘dofollow’ link juice they pass around is the massive ‘internal linking’ structure that these websites have. We have seen the Blackhole SEO strategy played out with sites like Wikipedia and the New York Times. And what results do these sites have in the search engines? Well, it is obvious. search for almost any key phrase (ie, internet marketing), and wikipedia most likely is one of the top results.

Google has been busy lately.

Matt Cutts, Google’s chief engineer, stated only two weeks ago that Google has done a huge algorithm shift:

…in the last day or so we launched a pretty big algorithmic improvement to our ranking—a change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of our queries—and we wanted to let people know what’s going on. This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.1

In other words, they only want unique content and websites that offer value, not spam blogs and copied content. The really don’t like it when webmasters try to artificially boost their ranking in the serps using spam blog farms or forums, or using copied content.

But, is not Google artificially boosting their own Youtube rankings in the serps? Isn’t it interesting that Google is in fact creating a massive seo blackhole with themselves as the sole beneficiary. With today’s GOOG last trade on NASDAQ at $609 USD a share, when will it ever end….

I’ve never seen nor read anyone talk about this, but they are.

Let me explain…

1. The two largest search engines in the world are and The two of these crush any other competitor. Bing, Yahoo, Ask, do not even come close to the volume of business these two search engines do.

2. Google and Youtube are tied to the hip in the search engines. Do any universal search, and what videos are prominently displayed? Youtube videos. Do a video search, and what videos do you see? 80% are Youtube videos.

3. Google has monetized Youtube with adsense, CTA Overlay Ads, pay per view videos using Google checkout, sponsored videos, Youtube partner program, etc…. When I visit the home page, I wonder what the cost is for that huge banner ad on top. It must cost someone a small fortune….almost as much as a 30 second Superbowl TV ad.

4. Google is shareholder money hungry, and they have the monetizing incentive to put their own Youtube videos in the universal and video serps more than other video sharing sites. In other words, they are greedy or smart – probably both.

How has Google been able to do this? is using’s huge seo blackhole to dominate their very own

This is how it works. Just like Wikipedia or the NT Times website, Youtube does the very same thing, but it is more hardcore…and it is monetized like crazy.

  • Youtube offers embed code on all their videos. Do you realize how many websites and web 2.0 properties have a Youtube embed code on them? Millions! This counts as a backlink to Youtube.
  • SEO people will backlink to their Youtube videos, or Youtube RSS Feed on external websites to boost their video rankings in the serps. This again is more backlinks to Youtube.
  • Youtube videos, and Youtube links, are all across the internet…everywhere. Even on (a pagerank 10 site).

Okay, now watch this…

Youtube takes all this pagerank passed to them from other websites, and what do they do with it? They keep it. They tell seo experts not to over do it with ‘no follow’ attributes on their websites, but then if you go to, you will see that every link going out is a ‘no follow,’ except one – they offer a ‘dofollow on your channel page for your Website URL…and it is a raw url link.

One raw link they give you back. Big diddly squat!

This is where it gets interesting…and this truly IS Youtube’s seo power:

Youtube’s SEO Internal Linking Is Powered By Its User Generated ‘Buzz’ System And It Is Woven Together By A Social Community Platform

We would be wise to follow their example on our sites….

Whenever you subscribe to a channel, make a comment on a video or channel page, accept a friend request, create a playlist, add modules to your channel (Other Channels, Subscribers, Friends, Subscriptions), you are creating a massive internal linking powerhouse for Youtube.

How does this work? All internal links on Youtube are ‘dofollow’ links, and channel usernames are ‘dofollow.’ This basically means that pagerank freely flows within Youtube’s internal linking website. The following are some of the ‘dofollow’ links:

  • Channel Titles
  • Video Titles
  • Channel Usernames
  • Playlist Titles

All of them are dofollow and pass pagerank.

A case in point…. As an example let me use Lady Gaga’s Official Youtube Channel.

As of today, her Youtube channel has these characteristics:

  • Pagerank – 7
  • Subscribers – 416,200
  • Friends – 52,600
  • Comments – 89,900
  • Total Uploaded Videos – 24
  • Total Video Views – 135 million views (wow)

So, her channel alone has 500,000 internal links, and if we factor in her 24 videos pages and look at all the comments on those video pages, as well as Subscriptions on people’s channel who have subscribed to her, we can probably add another 400k. Plus, on each video, she has thousands of Likes, and Favorites.

This Is Where The Magic Happens: We Use Google’s Own SEO Blackhole To Our Advantage

When you massively do some internal linking on your Youtube channel and videos (subscribing, friend request, commenting), and there is activity happening, your Channel and video pages will get Pagerank fairly quickly. Every time you add a new video to your Channel list, your video will be in the top of the search engines, both Google’s and Youtube’s search engine, because your channel has authority in Google’s eyes. If you do a video or channel and title it “iphone g3 accessories” and the do some powerful internal linking and creating Youtube activity, when you make a new posting on your channel with a new video and keywork, your video (with title) will be high in the serps.

Okay, this is where I self promote. Hey, it’s my blog….I can do whatever I want..right?

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Where else can you get thousands and thousands of backlinks for free, and on autopilot? Tube Fool will do that for you.