Expert – Todd Gross Webinar


This was a very good webinar. There was also a great Q & A towards the end. Todd additionally offered to do professional voice overs for Dominating Video members only, at a deep discount:

(Female voice: Todd has access to professional females who can do voice overs, so this can be done)

Webinar Replay Downloads:

(note: I forgot to click the record button for the first 10 minutes..which was a intro. of  Todd and his starts as a weatherman)

Todd Gross has been a professional on Television for over 30 years, and is one of the pioneers when it comes to making online videos.

Todd Gross is going to cover:

  • The BEST low-cost video camera to use
  • The BEST low cost, lightweight tripod
  • The BEST low cost microphone for audio

AND some of his tricks to get the videos done fast:

  • Proper lighting, especially outdoors
    How to “cheat” so you don’t have to reshoot after making a mistake!

.. and all that is just for starters!

He’s also going to go over software to render the videos, and get them online FAST.