Video formats and Conversion

Video formats and converting your videos is not hard.

In the video below I will give to you a short tutorial on video capture formats, encoding, frame rates, and compressing (converting) your videos.

From capturing on camera to converting for online viewing is the process that we will be discussing.

Click on the link below to watch my video formats and conversion tutorial

  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video Formats and Conversion’ w=800 h=600 t=’Video Formats and Conversion’]
  • Download Presentation PDF

I presently use 4 different video converters:

  • Camtasia Studio has a video converter built into it
  • Sony Vega Pro will convert and render, or compress, your video to a flash format
  • Handbrake Video Converter (free) will convert your videos to flash and does a great job
  • Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is my dream converter, and does everything that I want.

If I am doing a video manual using Camtasia, I will stick with Camtasia to convert my video to mp4 of flv. If I want to use a more robust video editor, and I am using Camtasia, I will have Camtasia record to .avi and then import the .avi to my video editor, like Sony Vegas Pro.