Video Pro Templates

Here you get 5 Professionally Created Video Templates That Are Editable.

Now you can…

Zip File Includes:

  • 5 Worded .WMV Blank Video Files
  • 5 Unworded WMV Blank Video Files
  • 5 Windows Live Movie Maker (WMM Live) Project Files
  • 5 Windows Movie Maker (WMM) 2.1 Project Files
  • Instructions Documents for WMM and WMM Live

I am pleased to release to you 5 professional video templates. You can find them in the sidebar. Here, I want to show you how to edit. It is very easy.

Tutorial On How To Edit Videos Using Windows Live Movie Maker

WLMM is free, and you can download here.


Samples Of The 4 Other Videos On The Download Zip Link Above:

  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video Template 1 Sample’ w=640 h=480 t=’Video 1′]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video Template 2 Sample’ w=640 h=480 t=’Video 2′]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video Template 3 Sample’ w=640 h=480 t=’Video 3′]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video Template 4 Sample’ w=640 h=480 t=’Video 4′]
  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video Template 5 Sample’ w=640 h=480 t=’Video 5′]