Windows Live Movie Maker

In the section I will teach you exactly how I created this video on Youtube using Windows Live Movie Maker, a free program.

Okay, Okay, the audio clip sucks…but for demonstration purposes, it does the job 🙂

The resources used were:

Video Tutorial (28 minutes length)

  • [viddy f=’′ a=left i=’Video: Creating Video With Windows Live Movie Maker’ w=800 h=450 t=’Video: Creating Video With Windows Live Movie Maker’]

Additional Good WLMM Training

This is a very good training by Dan at Vimeo on using Windows Movie Maker Live. We thought we’d include this as a over.



What You Will learned:

  • Getting the footage off of your camera and onto your computer.
  • Open up Windows Live Movie Maker and import all of your footage so you can begin working.
  • You can drag, cut and trim your files exactly how you want them to create a great storyline.
  • Add some music to heighten the tone of your video.
  • Include some transitions to bridge your clips together. Add effects as necessary.
  • Throw in some text and titles if you feel like it.
  • Export that video and share it with the whole world